Chinook - Executive Summary

“Chinook” is a young EU based early revenue generating company featuring proprietary environmental friendly cutting-edge technology for industry working with metal, glass, plastic and jewellry. Young dynamic team as well as a seasoned entrepreneur (behind two successful technology companies) are managing company for growth and more efficient, ecological and smarter industrial process.

“Chinook” features portfolio of three proprietary products that generate zero carbon high temperature flame of >2’500°C through hydrolysis of water in a compact instrument. The homogenous flame can be deployed for industrial scale brazing, soldering and welding. The key USP is in lower operational cost, compact foot print and mobility as well as use of continuously collected data to monitor and improve brazing process efficiency. The instrumentation eliminates the need to purchase, handle and store high-pressure gas bottles (lowering occupational hazards and complex gas logistics or conducts). The instrument is also very user friendly with no CO gas emission, low noise level (<25dB) and doesn’t require UV eye protection.