Young Companies

We have spent several years in start-ups assuming functions such as founder, co-founder, CEO, CMO, Managing Director, CFO, coach. We believe, therefore, that we are particularly well positioned to understand and effectively support emerging companies.

Do you lack the in-house expertise in certain functions to master mission critical tasks?
Do you have limited management capacity, due to tight budgets or time constraints?
Do you need rapid turn-around of special projects to ensure company development?

Tagator Corp. is a company that provides executives for hire, taking assignments which range in time from a couple of days to several months, a couple of days a month or full time, on contract basis. We provide embedded executives to, or assume outsourced contracts for companies which lack specific expertise or in-house capacity to achieve their objectives on time and within budget.
In the "Assignments" section, you can find a list of projects which we have performed in the past, or are currently involved in. The spectrum of our capabilities is broad but always focused on delivering value to our customers. The definition of the deliverable and the conditions to realise it are always critical to success. However, we are aware that the business environment is continually changing and we all have to adapt our efforts in the most appropriate fashion without losing the required momentum.
We reserve the right to tell our customers that we disagree with certain approaches or priorities, always in their best interest.
We also reserve the right to withdraw our services in the absence of adequate support form the client in pursuit of agreed objectives.