Financial firms

Tagator provides due diligence, company valuation, Intellectual Property assessment and advisory services to investors and other financial institutions. We also provide interim management during transition periods (post-merge of post-acquisition).

Since 2005, Tagator Corp. has provided the following services to financial institutions such as venture capital and private equity firms:

  • Due diligence and company & technology/ IP assessment - in specific fields where we have hands on corporate expertise. Some examples: in vitro diagnostic instrumentation & reagents, transfusion and blood management technologies, implantable devices, diabetes, pain management, wound care, medical laser, orthopaedics
  • Filling in gaps in management after investment rounds, JV or M&A e.g.: CEO, S&M, CFO, CIO, Bus Dev, RA&QA in form of Executive-in-residence, interim and acting management
  • Identifying or proposing from existing portfolio and network investment or "strap on" opportunities (companies or technologies).

In the "Assignments" section, you can find a informative list of contracts we have undertaken in the past or are currently pursing.

The spectrum of our capabilities is broad but always focused on delivering value to our customers. The definition of the deliverable and of the conditions necessary to achieve it are always critical to success. However, we are aware that business environment is continually changing and we all need to be able to adapt our efforts as necessary, without losing momentum.