Established Companies

The Tagator partners have spent many years working in mid-sized and large international corporations, in various management positions. We continue to work with multinational and global organisations to provide expertise or support where their resources are not present.

Since 2005, Tagator Corp. has been providing the following services on contract basis:

  • Due diligence on acquisition, investment or partnering targets
  • Market potential assessment – surveys of KOL and targeted potential customers
  • Market entry options - strategies, tactics and channel identification and description
  • Executive-in-residence for defined period of time to fill in gaps in teams
  • interim and acting management CEO, S&M, CFO, CIO, Bus.Dev, RA&QA
  • Swiss subsidiary incorporation – tax and subsidies advisory
  • Swiss based European HQ set-up, structure and staffing
  • Proposing technologies to license-in or out
  • Identification of companies for JV or M&A (we have often 2-3 companies who are looking for funding, JV or M&A).

Recently, we have welcomed to the team a senior professional with in-depth expertise in macroeconomics and large governmental projects in emerging economies. Dr. Drabek can provide valuable insight and advice on how to approach complex markets where governmental and large non-profit institutions have significant impact on business environment.

In the "Assignments" section, you can find a list of contracts which we have undertaken in the past or are currently involved with. The spectrum of our capabilities is broad but always focused on delivering value to our customers. The definition of the deliverable and of the conditions necessary to achieve it are always critical to success. However, we are aware that business environment is continually changing and we all need to be able to adapt our efforts as necessary, without losing momentum.