Some examples of past and current assignments, which give a picture of what the Tagator team does. For confidential and business reasons we do not reveal specific details about the project or the client.

Client: A French VC firm (over €1bn under management).
Assignment: Provide second CEO for drug delivery company in Austria, decrease burn rate, deploy new corporate marketing strategy, initiate and conclude successfully patent litigation with large multinational, wind down subsidiaries, license out IP.

Client: A Swiss contract engineering company (600 employees).
Assignment: Assume interim Head of S&M during management & owner change, together with interim CEO and COO. Fill in a gap during transition to avoid loss of existing and prospective clients.

Client: A Danish industrial corporation (revenues: over € 3.5bn).
Assignment: RA&QA assignment for diabetes diagnostic & therapeutic devices, Risk Assessment, preparation for QS audit, critical software assessment and validation, support with spin-off part of business leading to the formation of a new company.

Client: Middle-Eastern surgical corporation (revenues: over $300m).
Assignment: RA&QA assignment to secure ISO 13485 certification of their largest EU subsidiary as a manufacturer of range of products. Obtain CE Mark of locally produced products for market authorisation.

Client: A Swiss governmental agency for start-up support and development.
Assignment: Entrepreneurship coaching and advisory to very early stage companies to assist with the first business, marketing, IP and financial plan, from technology to product and specific market segment targeting. Preparation for seed fund raising.

Client: A French medical instrumentation company.
Assignment: To find an investor, strategic partner or buyer for a young, dynamic and profitable company. Found an acquirer from another European company (successful integration 2 yrs on, all staff still in place).

Client: A Swiss medical device company active in diabetes therapy.
Assignment: Assessment of pre-market potential and approach assessment of 5 key European countries - intelligence gathering from Key Opinion Leaders, reimbursement & pricing review, strategic positioning.

Client: A US drug delivery multinational corporation (revenues over US$ 1bn).
Assignment: Due diligence and market potential assessment of targeted cooperation partner.

Client: A French consulting company in complex regulatory matters (operating on 5 continents).
Assignment: Assessment and analysis of the Swiss market for a new segment.

Client: A Swiss SME in medical software.
Assignment: Business development assignment to prepare entry into the Swiss German market - market survey (mailing and calling + 600 potential clients). Large tender and promotion to key players.

Client: A Swiss start-up with active implantable devices.
Assignment: Assessment of revenue potential of new additional market segment.

Client: A Swiss SME in high-end industrial components (+300 employees) .
Assignment: Business development assignment for the medical division.

Client: A Swiss start-up in IVD instrumentation.
Assignment: Secure seed capital and first licensing agreement.

Client: A Swiss start-up in drug delivery.
Assignment: Incorporation, structuring, business and financial plan, IP and market strategy, secure seed capital.

Client: A Swiss start-up in regenerative medicine.
Assignment: To structure licensing agreements, secure seed capital, develop website, business plan and regulatory road map for US and Europe.

Client: A South African and European learning company.
Assignment: Delivery and facilitation of a program in negotiation effectively complex deals.

Client: A Czech food supplement and herbal raw material manufacturer and processor.
Assignment: Advisory and board membership.

Client: A German chronic wound care company.
Assignment: Advisory, product sourcing, clinical and market observations.

Client: A small, traditional Swiss phyto-pharmaceutical company.
Assignment: Secure strategic partner or acquirer

Client: A Canadian software SME corp.
Assignment: Business development & advisory, prospect acquisition and presentations